Exquisite Tracklight

This product is made of aluminum die casting shell, which is not easy to be damaged at home or in the warehouse or during transportation. The ordinary bulb belongs to glass vacuum products, which has a certain risk. In addition, the track lamp adopts DC drive, without stroboscopic, which is beneficial to vision protection. The ordinary bulb and fluorescent lamp have stroboscopic AC power supply, and the LED DC power supply has no electromagnetic interference, while the energy-saving lamp has low cost The electromagnetic interference of tube electronic ballast is very large, which is in line with the humanized requirements of people-oriented, and is the consistent pursuit of citizens all over the world. In addition, the track light adopts white hair and high brightness LED, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is about 90%, and there is little heating, while about 80% of the electric energy of the ordinary bulb is converted into heat energy, and only about 20% is converted into light energy, so the track lamp will be more efficient and energy-saving.