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We provide middle and high-end products, aluminum lamp body, famous brand light source, good heat dissipation, life up to 5 years
Fullamps Lighting Technology Limited  Co., Ltd.

LED Lighting Designer And Manufacturer

FULLAMPS Lighting Technology Limited is a professional led lighting designer and manufacturer in DongGuan City of China since 2008, Currently there are over 300 employees and workshop of more than 15,000 square meters, R&D Team is 10 years experience in lighting making and OEM&ODM. which devotes supplying High-end and Cost-effective LED track lights, LED down lights, LED ceiling lights, LED office light, LED lighting fixtures and other interior luminaires. Thanks to strong R&D, Production ability, strong Management system and service ability, we build a great long-term relationship with the famous companies in different countries.
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We have provided 50,000 sets of lights to over 60 countries in Europe, serving over 1000 medium and high-end projects.
CASE ADDRESS Shenzhen Yifang International Center

LED striplight5050 60LED PER METER 14.4W 3000KLED wall washerFR1304 30W 3000KLED hotel lighting productsANTI-GLARE SPOTLIGHTFR1336W 10W 3000K

CASE ADDRESS Shenzhen Futian Flower Chrysanthemum Japanese Cuisine

LED grille lightFR1066 15W 3000KFR1068 2*15W 3000KLED downlightFR1042 25W 3000K

CASE ADDRESS Dubai Madinath Jumeirah surper market.

LED tracklightFT1041 30W 3000KTrack bar and track accessoryLED spotlightFR1363  10W 3000K


LED track lightFT1030 30W FT1031 40WLED Linear lightFR-N426530W/40W 1.5Meter 3000k/4000k Black3phase Track bar and Track accessory

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Honors And Certificates

Class LED chips to create the highest quality LED lighting products that are more reliable, safe and durable. The driver what we use and people concerned is brand driver which is tested by us for over 5 years. Stable and good quality is sole reason why we use it.
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Middle and high-end lamps lighting solution supplier, Fullamps is working hard, to grow stronger together. As a family of light lovers sharing the same vision.
2023-03-07 / Information
No Main Light, Lighting, Magnetic Absorption Rail Light, Decoration, Understand These, Do Not Overturn
Distance between two rows of magnetic absorption track lamps and the wallSuspended ceiling diffuse reflection lamp trough is about 20cm from the wall (about 15cm from the bottom)The magnetic
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2023-03-07 / Information
What are the advantages of spectral downlight?
The full spectrum is based on the solar spectrum. The closer the LED light source of the barrel lamp is to the solar spectrum, the better; The full spectrum tube spot lamp can reproduce the sunlight
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2023-03-07 / Information
Employees' Birthday Party, Thanksgiving Meeting, Company All The Way
Time flies, time flies, and the year 2022 has passed unknowingly. The company prepared a warm birthday party on February 17 for the birthday stars in January and February 2023. The company is more
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2022-11-18 / Information
What is LED anti-glare spotlight?
Firstly, glare refers to the visual phenomenon that the inappropriateness of luminance distribution and luminance range in the line of sight, or the existence of extreme contrast in luminance cause
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2022-11-11 / Information
What material is good for downlight?
There are many types of downlight materials, generally the following:Iron sheetDie casting aluminumAluminiumstainless steelThe iron home decoration is used as little as possible, but the price is
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2022-11-05 / Information
What is anti-glare spotlights?
Anti-glare spotlights on the market is the light directly emitted by the LED chip, or the light reflected by the reflection cup (lens). The human eye will feel dazzling when looking directly at the
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2022-10-27 / Information
All About Track Lighting
Parts of Track LightsThere are two almosts all to this kind of lighting: the track itself as well as the track heads.The track is generally made from metal as well as may or may not be sticky. In
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2022-10-16 / Information
The Showroom of Fullamps Lighting
One of the best ways to experience our unparalleled collection of lighting is to visit our beautifully designed showrooms. But due to the constraints of various factors, you may not be able to come to
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All aluminum light body, 5 years warranty, brand light source, brand drive, good quality, high light efficiency.