Surface LED Downlight

What are surface-mounted led downlights?

Surface Mounted Downlights are another alternative to recessed or gimbal downlights and are mounted on the surface of the ceiling. This type of light fixture is popular in residential and commercial installation and is simple to install and uphold.

Why choose surface-mounted downlights?

Surface Mounted Downlights are a great option when you are unable to recess downlights. If you have a concrete ceiling or you are unable to cut out holes for your downlights, surface-mounted downlights are the next best thing!

How about the surface downlights feature?

  1. Is an ideal solution for anyone searching for an affordable downlight option for a residential or commercial application;
  2. Gives the room a minimalist architectural feel;
  3. Easily Installable LED Lighting Fixtures;
  4. Commercial surface mounted downlights used in indoor lighting such as galleries, shopping malls, hotels, museums…