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What material is good for downlight?

There are many types of downlight materials, generally the following:

  1. Iron sheet
  2. Die casting aluminum
  3. Aluminium
  4. stainless steel

The iron home decoration is used as little as possible, but the price is cheap, so the tooling is used more, because the renovation time of the tooling is faster. Home improvement at least 5 years, the recommended choice of die-casting aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel.

The color of die-casting LED downlights is mainly sand nickel. The color of the aluminum LED downlight should be diversified, mainly in three colors: gold, silver and black. Stainless steel is mainly natural.

Below is the knowledge of downlight popularization:

1. Lamp safety

LED downlight head is a more important link. The main material of the lamp head is ceramic. The reed inside is the most important, there are two kinds of copper and aluminum. A good brand is made of aluminum, and a spring is installed under the contact point to strengthen the contact. The other is the power cord of the lamp holder, and the good downlight brand is the use of three-line wiring lamp holder (three-line that is, fire line, spirit line, ground line). Some will bring terminal blocks, which is also a very basic way to distinguish between good brands and ordinary brands. Also depends on whether the lamp head is solid and the work is fine.

2. Reflectivity of lamps

Reflective cup generally has two kinds of sand cup and light cup. The material is aluminum, aluminum will not change color, and the degree of reflection is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do, this new process looks good, but over time will become dark, or even black. The identification method is to look at the neat degree of the cutting, the cutting of aluminum is very neat, and the opposite is the case with plastic spray.

3. The direction of the luminaire

If the top space is large enough, buy it straight. If the top space is small, not enough distance, you can consider the horizontal insert. Their price difference is not large, the horizontal insert price is a little more expensive than the vertical insert.

The choice of luminaires and materials for LED downlights is mainly whether the manufacturer selected has industry expertise. FULLAMPS Lighting Technology Limited is a professional led lighting manufacturer in Dong Guan City of China since 2008.