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What is LED anti-glare spotlight?

Firstly, glare refers to the visual phenomenon that the inappropriateness of luminance distribution and luminance range in the line of sight, or the existence of extreme contrast in luminance cause discomfort or reduce the ability to observe details or objects.

Glare is not only dazzling, but also more likely to cause visual fatigue. In such an environment for a long time, it is easy to damage the eyes, so anti-glare is one of the important criteria when purchasing lamps.

In order to use eye health, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing lamps?

1. Glare Value (UGR)

Glare can cause visual recognition or discomfort. The higher the brightness of the light source, the greater the stimulation to the eyes. By calculating the uniform glare value (UGR), the relationship between glare and subjective perception can be compared.

At present, when the ordinary UGR is 10-15, the vision is more comfortable and will not be affected by glare. You can ask the business when buying lamps.

In addition, the anti-glare design reference of the lamp itself is:

  1. A. The shading angle of the lamp, the general shading angle of the lamp is greater than 30 ° to play the role of shading.

  2. B. In the choice of reflector of the luminaire, there is a black glare shield and a white glare shield.

  3. C. Honeycomb anti-glare, can filter excess light.

  4. D. Finally, the depth of the light source will also affect the glare of the lamp, the deeper the depth, the less excess light.

2. Blue light hazard

Because of the short wavelength of blue light, the focus point is not at the center of the retina, but a little more forward from the retina. To see clearly, the eye will be in a state of tension for a long time, causing visual fatigue.

Visual fatigue for a long time may lead to symptoms such as myopia deepening, diplopia, easy serial reading, and inability to concentrate, affecting people's learning and work efficiency.

3. Strobe

If you live in a stroboscopic state for a long time, it may cause migraine, distraction and other problems. A small method quiz (for reference only), you can turn on the video function of your phone and point it at the light fixture. Whether there will be a problem with flashing.

OK, this is about the glare of the lamps. The choice of anti-glare spotlights can also refer to these.