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How to Choose Track Lighting

What is track light?

According to some relatively complex and strict lighting environment or engineering projects for commercial lighting (such as clothing shop, showroom, decoration shop, jewelry store supermarket, etc), more and more users require better track light to replace traditional track lighting in order to achieve better lighting effect.

When a ceiling can’t accommodate recessed lighting, because of beams, for instance, track lighting enables you to position fixtures close to the ceiling, keeping sightless clear.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Before selecting a track system and accompanying elements, it is important to consider the specific lighting tasks to be addressed. General ambient lighting, accent or wall wash lighting, and task lighting all serve different purposes, and each will require different placement and positioning.

Ambient and General Lighting

Track lighting serves this purpose well in entryways or halls, but generally is not well suited as the sole light source for a room. Instead, it is ideal as complementary illumination along with other fixtures in a room. Larger rooms can accommodate larger track layouts, and track pendants or spot lights can be selected that complement the existing décor.

Accent and Wall Wash Lighting:

These types of lighting configurations are recommended for displaying pictures, book cases, and decorative pieces placed on a wall.

Wall washing is ideal for an all-encompassing, non-focused spread of light, and can reduce the number of track heads required. Wall wash track heads frequently feature energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs as an added bonus. Make sure that a wall wash fixture is placed at a sufficient distance from the wall to avoid unattractive shadows on the wall.

For more focused accent lighting, use adjustable spot light track heads. These fixtures can provide a higher level of light on a specific area. Angle the track heads at approximately 30° in order to minimize glare and reflection.

Task Lighting:

This is a specific lighting configuration that illuminates small areas where light is needed for various activities. It is ideal for reading, food preparation, and workbench areas. Low voltage spot lighting is an excellent option for task lighting, as it is highly energy efficient and well suited to illuminate counter spaces and kitchen islands.

Choose Your Track Type

Tip 1: Heat Sink Device

The heat dissipation determines the life span of LED track lights. If the heat sink device is NOT effective, LED chip will depreciate and fail very rapidly under working environment of high temperature. Pure aluminum is a better material than die-casting for heat sink, but with limitation in forming desired shape of lamp.

Tip 2: Driver

90% of failure of track lights is due to the quality of driver. Solution with proper electronic components determines the efficiency, efficacy, stability, temperature equilibrium and sure the life span of the lamp fixture. Reliable brands are recommended to ensure stable current and voltage, and thus guarantee the life span of the fixture.

Tip 3: LED Quality and adaptability

LED chips determine the lighting effect directly, while the LED packing technology and technique affect much on LED chips quality, color differentiation, heat dissipation…etc.

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